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Berlin Electrolyser Conference

Berlin Electrolyser Conference

07 December 2022 - 08 December 2022


The deployment of large-scale electrolysers is the key technological element for the decarbonisation of central industrial and transport sectors.

The existing electrolyser technology is now ready for a massive scale-up: In May 2022, the EU Commission and 20 leading industry representatives signed a Joint Declaration to announce the commitment to a tenfold increase of the industry’s electrolyser manufacturing capacities by 2025, targeting an annual production of 10 million t of renewable hydrogen by 2030 in the EU.

To achieve this ambitious objective, considerable challenges have to be overcome by system manufacturers, providers of components and materials, industrial users of electrolysers and other stakeholders within the hydrogen economy.

The Berlin Electrolyser Conference (BEC) was founded in 2020 and launched as 'Next Generation Electrolysers' virtual event in December 2020 and again 2021. Our mission is to bring together electrolyser specialists, engineering experts, scientific researchers and other stakeholders along the electrolyser value chain to discuss the development, manufacturing, deployment and integration of the next generation of industrial electrolysers.