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White papers

Download technical white papers from the hydrogen industry.


An automated and high-throughput approach for comprehensive analysis of biodiesel (B100) quality in compliance with EN and ASTM methods

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s white paper explains how renewable biodiesel quality assessment through automated sample preparation with online GC analysis removes time-consuming manual sample handling while delivering more accurate data for greater confidence.

Published on the 10 January 2024

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Green Hydrogen Project – Honeywell Connected Industrial Offerings

Green hydrogen is part of the low carbon path to a net zero future. Sustainability needs to be part of an operating model, otherwise it will not work. Digitalisation accelerates this operating model, as it enables transparency, clear decision paths and predictions.

Published on the 01 July 2023

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The Anatomy of a Hydrogen Fitting

One of the most formidable challenges in the development of safe, reliable, and leak-tight hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and infrastructure is the nature of hydrogen itself.

Published on the 01 May 2022

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Practical considerations when pursuing plantwide optimisation

Honeywell Forge Plantwide Optimizer is first and foremost an integration layer between planning and control. The challenges and gaps that exist in the interactions between these two functions have been well documented in this paper. Download this paper to learn more!

Published on the 01 February 2022

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The Shell Blue Hydrogen Process

Helping heavy industries, refiners and resource holders to meet their net-zero-emission ambitions through the integration of proven technologies for affordable greenfield blue hydrogen production.

Published on the 01 March 2021

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