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Fact Finding: Is Hydrogen the Energy Source of the Future?

ON DEMAND - Hydrogen holds the unique distinction of being the world’s only viable fuel source that can meet the performance criteria of light- and heavy-duty vehicles while having a net-zero impact on CO2 emissions when generated, stored, transported, and dispensed in an environmentally sustainable manner. However, the growth of the H2-fuelling economy is the subject of many misperceptions that may be hindering its global acceptance and adaptation.

Myths persist around hydrogen’s efficiency, safety, cost-effectiveness, and environmental impact as a fuel source. Overcoming these myths will be crucial to propelling the industry forward.

Join Chuck Hayes, Principal Applications Engineer for Clean Energy, Swagelok, for this webinar which will tackle common myths about the H2 fuelling economy and take a close look at the role that fluid system design and engineering can play in overcoming persistent challenges.


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