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The Anatomy of a Hydrogen Fitting

One of the most formidable challenges in the development of safe, reliable, and leak-tight hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and infrastructure is the nature of hydrogen itself.

Hydrogen is a small-molecule gas. Hydrogen molecules can easily migrate through the tiniest of crevices and diffuse into the materials designed to contain them. In the hydrogen mobility marketplace, hydrogen must also be stored at pressures in excess of 875 bar to achieve the necessary energy density on a vehicle. At refuelling stations, rapid thermal and pressure changes can also impact system integrity as hydrogen leaves storage tanks and decompresses.

These challenges highlight the importance of uncompromising performance in fittings that join critical parts of high-pressure hydrogen fuel systems. Higher-performing fitting technology is available today to provide such performance.

This paper will take a close look at specific fitting design that delivers the gas seal tightness, tube grip strength, vibration resistance, material integrity, and efficient installation critical for hydrogen technology.


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