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NRZ to produce hydrogen in China

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NRZ has signed an agreement with Meijin Energy Investment Co., Ltd. (MEI), to produce hydrogen in China through in situ gasification. MEI is a subsidiary of the Meijin Group who is the largest integrated hydrogen company in China and who already constructs hydrogen vehicles, hydrogen fuels, and is the owner of hydrogen charging stations. This provides NRZ with a major advantage in meeting the needs of a developing hydrogen fuel market in China.

China is the largest producer of hydrogen today, at about 25 million t, or roughly a quarter of the global total. Most of the volume is produced from fossil fuels (60% from coal, and 25% from natural gas) as feedstock in refineries or chemical plants.

NRZ successfully produced significant quantities of hydrogen at Leigh Creek during the pre-commercial demonstration phase. The NRZ project at Leigh Creek demonstrated that NRZ has the ability to produce over 200 000 000 kg of low-cost hydrogen per year. In terms of quantity and cost of hydrogen, these numbers were confirmed for production of up to 200 000 000 kg per year at Leigh Creek at less than AUD$1/kg. It is expected to replicate these volumes and prices in China. In China, hydrogen production costs between AUD$3 – 5/kg and retail for hydrogen varies between AUD$7 – 10/kg, providing NRZ with a huge cost advantage.

China aims to bring 50 000 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to the road by 2025, and to build a number of hydrogen refuelling stations. The plan targets hydrogen production using renewable feedstock resources to reach 100 000 – 200 000 tpy by 2025.

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