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Nexergy Holdings PLC and Lorentz collaborate

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Nexergy Holdings PLC, an industry leader committed to enhancing sustainable energy solutions has announced a strategic collaboration with Lorentz, a visionary company pioneering the production of green hydrogen.

This partnership marks a significant step towards advancing the sustainable energy landscape and addressing the increasing demand for environmentally-friendly fuel sources.

Production of green hydrogen is expected to commence in 2024, with the potential to reshape the future of energy and transportation.

Commenting on the collaboration, Jason Turner, Managing Director of Nexergy said: “Green hydrogen serves as a highly efficient and eco-friendly form of fuel, utilising water and solar energy to power vehicles and industries. This collaboration aims to leverage Lorentz's technology to commercialise green hydrogen, positioning it as a viable alternative to traditional fuel sources.” Furthermore, the partnership is set to provide seamless integration into existing infrastructure, facilitating widespread access to this innovative energy solution.

The potential applications of green hydrogen span multiple industries, with endorsements from key players such as Airbus, BMW, and JCB. Representatives from Airbus have expressed confidence in hydrogen as a crucial technology for achieving low-carbon commercial aviation by 2035, highlighting its significance for the aerospace industry.

Lorentz’s patented technology, with an initial project site planned in Spain, is poised to revolutionise sustainable hydrogen production, paving the way for decarbonisation in the energy sector and beyond. Through harnessing renewable sources like wind and solar, the process employed by Lorentz promises to significantly reduce carbon emissions, offering a compelling solution for a greener energy transition.

Showcasing the significant cost savings and environmental benefits through utilising Lorentz’s technology, the comparative profile of a 1100 mile journey, (Rome to London) would cost a mere fraction of diesel, petrol or electric power. Using Lorentz technology, at a production cost of €17 there would be no carbon dioxide emissions, just 157 kg of pure water. This highlights the potential of green hydrogen as a game-changing solution for sustainable and cost-effective transportation.

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