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March 2023

The Spring 2023 issue of Global Hydrogen Review is full of detailed technical articles on a range of topics including blue vs green hydrogen production, hydrogen liquefaction, safety, pipelines, compression technology, digitalisation and much more. This month’s cover story, courtesy of H2scan, discusses the importance of hydrogen sensing within the emerging hydrogen economy.

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Green vs blue
Chris Warnes, Oliver Wyman, UK, offers a perspective on scaling low-carbon hydrogen production.

Accelerating change
Rajesh D. Sharma, Schneider Electric, discusses how and why hard-to-abate sectors should consider transitioning to green hydrogen, and details the three challenges associated with this shift.

Blue mood
Viswadeb Ganguly and Adrienne Moreno, Flowserve, USA, explain why significant investment in blue hydrogen infrastructure is required to help accelerate the transition to net zero.

Optimising opportunities
Bill Howe and Geoff Skinner, Gasconsult Ltd, alongside James Primrose, McDermott, discuss the importance of optimising hydrogen liquefaction to support the development of the sector.

The safe decarbonisation of combustion
Increasing the efficiency of both new and existing steam methane reformers (SMRs) is an essential consideration for decarbonising operations. Tim Tallon, AMETEK Process Instruments, and James Cross, AMETEK Land, discuss two ways in which this can be done.

Driving a safe future
Jørg Aarnes, DNV, Norway, describes methods to ensure safety during the hydrogen revolution.

Assisting transformation
Jens Voss, ROSEN Group, introduces the diagnostic solutions that are available for supporting future fuel pipelines.

Compression ‘Down Under’
Brian Mason and Chirag Sehgal, Siemens Energy, discuss how Australia is preparing for the hydrogen economy by way of retrofitting existing compression and transportation infrastructure.

The challenge of atmospheric hydrogen compression
Octavian Partenie, Pascal Pasman, Svitlana Snelder and Theo Peperkamp, Howden, explain why it can be challenging to design reciprocating compressors for hydrogen produced at atmospheric pressure.

Getting a sense of hydrogen
David Meyers, H2scan, USA, discusses the importance of hydrogen sensing within the emerging hydrogen economy.

A means to monitor quality
Global efforts to protect the environment have increasingly focused on lowering carbon emissions. Dr. Florian Adler and Jim Belanger, Process Insights, suggest that the key to meeting this challenge lies in replacing fossil fuels with alternative, renewable fuel sources, particularly to power vehicles.

Getting the green light
Allan Rushforth, First Hydrogen, UK, describes how green hydrogen is supporting the UK’s transport sector on the path to becoming a net zero industry.

Withstanding hydrogen
Dr. Thomas Gallinger and Simon Schlei, TÜV SÜD Industrie Service, discuss the testing methods behind determining whether components and materials are compatible with hydrogen.

The digital delivery of a complex hydrogen network
Roy Calder, AVEVA, UK, explains the importance of developing digital environments to support the success of hydrogen projects.

The digitisation of hydrogen filling stations
Mathias Kurras, Maximator Hydrogen GmbH, Germany, explains how digitisation makes hydrogen filling stations safer, more efficient, and continuously available.

Big data to support big decisions
Lukas Strohmeier, Delphi Data Labs GmbH, Austria, explains how big data helps companies to identify the right customers, partners or suppliers in the emerging green hydrogen economy.

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