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September 2023

The September issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering covers a wide range of topics including catalyst technology, filtration and separation, compression, digitalisation, safety and cybersecurity. This month’s regional report explores the latest developments in North America’s downstream oil and gas industry.

This month's front cover is brought to you by UNICAT.

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Evaluating new opportunities in North America
Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, discusses how investors in North American refineries and petrochemicals are tacking in the face of adversarial winds, and evaluating new opportunities.

Next generation filtration
Tim Michalec, James Esteban, Will Bridges and Tom Ventham, UNICAT Catalyst Technologies, LLC, explore how innovative next generation technology can help to increase bed cycle time and efficiency, while reducing costs and improving profitability.

Maximising potential
Modesto Miranda Lopez, Hernando Salgado, Aaron Liew, Emmanouil Smaragdis and Corbett Senter, BASF, outline the challenges of maximising butylenes from residual feeds, and the importance of novel catalyst technology.

The cleaner the better
Neil Richards, PS Filter, Canada, considers the importance of effective filtration and separation techniques within the downstream oil and gas industry, in order to produce cleaner fuels.

Two-phase feed distributors for distillation and absorption columns
Aadam F. Aryan, Distillation Equipment Company Ltd, UK, discusses the selection of appropriate feed arrangements for two-phase feeds, and lists several industrial examples.

Opening pathways to decarbonisation
Lukas Biyikli, Siemens Energy, Germany, considers how it is possible to decarbonise industrial process heat through steam compression.

Selecting the right corrosion resistance alloys
Luiza Esteves, Alleima, USA, compares the corrosion and mechanical resistance of advanced stainless steels and special alloys used in shell and tube heat exchangers in various chemical process industry applications.

Taking back control
Nina Golder and Erik Lindhjem, Emerson, USA, explain how new life cycle maintenance tools can help companies manage the health of their automation assets.

An unbroken flow of information
Thomas Fahland, Implico, Germany, discusses how new data technology could lead to increased transparency across energy companies’ operations.

Bringing decarbonisation to life
Pablo Jimenez-Asenjo, Federico Neira and Nicolas Visuara, KBC, alongside Rafael Rebouças de Araujo, Joana Variani and Juan Carlos Moreno, Acelen, explore how real-time emissions monitoring drives decarbonisation.

Frontline safety culture and digitisation
Graham Freeman, Intelex Technologies, ULC, examines how a resilient frontline safety culture can be upheld in the oil and gas industry.

Cybersecurity: a life cycle, not a destination
Tim Gale, 1898 & Co., USA, explores how a broader cybersecurity programme is required to protect critical process control and safety systems in the oil and gas industry.

Unveiling the shadows
Dr. Gareth Owenson, Searchlight Cyber, UK, discusses how dark web intelligence can protect the oil and gas sectors.

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