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Austrian data intelligence startup maps and predicts the emerging hydrogen economy

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Delphi Data Labs, a Vienna-based tech start-up, develops novel market intelligence methodologies and technologies. The company specialises in industrial technology, with a special focus on the emerging hydrogen sector. In contrast to traditional market research firms, Delphi Data Labs is building one integrated data model, which incorporates all of the data collected by its data discovery technologies and its analysts. In the following steps, the data is transformed into information by being organised, processed, and analysed. Finally, the relevant insights are selected individually according to the needs of each customer and visualised in an interactive dashboard.

The innovative approach of the data start-up is especially suited for the analysis of highly dynamic market environments. Due to the design of the market model, real-life events affecting the long-term outlook for the hydrogen economy are incorporated almost in real-time. As a result, Delphi’s market forecasts are more adaptive compared to traditional forecasts. Up to now, the start-up, which was founded in January 2021, has only used its market models in individual research projects with customers.

This summer, Delphi launched its first commercial product, a competitive intelligence tool that assesses almost 150 global electrolyzer manufacturers. An additional module, which will add another 100 companies with technology ownership in alternative hydrogen production and advanced recycling technologies, such as pyrolysis, gasification, or photocatalytic water splitting, is about to launch this autumn. According to Delphi Data Labs, its customers are pleased with the high number of identified companies and the detailed grade of the analysis. Typically, Delphi’s insights are used to support decision-making for investment decisions, M&A, and general business development strategies.

Furthermore, the collected information about the global electrolyzer market is utilised in combination with project databases and macro-market models to forecast demand, production capacities and market volumes up to 2030. The differentiated research approach, in combination with the huge database, results in findings that are sometimes quite contradictory compared with published market studies of other vendors.

About Delphi Data Labs

Delphi Data Labs is a market intelligence company focusing on the industrial technology sector. The start-up was founded by two former market intelligence managers of a major publicly listed cleantech corporation. The founding duo designed and implemented a data-driven and dashboard-based business intelligence framework to assess market conditions and competitors for various technologies. Due to a lack of affordable high-quality market intelligence solutions for industrial corporations, Miroslav Negovan and Lukas Strohmeier decided to launch a start-up in the industrial market intelligence space to tackle this issue. Based on years of professional experience as a ‘customer’, the products of Delphi Data Labs are designed to fulfill the strategic intelligence demands of companies in the industrial manufacturing industry and to ease the workload for market intelligence teams.

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