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Special reports


Getting a sense of hydrogen

David Meyers, H2scan, USA, discusses the importance of hydrogen sensing within the emerging hydrogen economy.


Assisting transformation - bibliography

The bibliography associated with the article entitled 'Assisting transformation', which featured in the Spring 2023 issue of Global Hydrogen Review.


Blue H2 the right way

James Cross, AMETEK Land, UAE, discusses how to improve reliability and productivity in steam cracker and steam methane reformer (SMR) operations.


The hydrogen roadmap to relevance

Andy McIntire and Praveen Sam, Honeywell Connected Industrial, USA, detail the use of industrial-grade software to support the digital transformation of the hydrogen sector.


Reaching new heights

Joost Meeuwissen, Calderys, the Netherlands, describes how pre-cast, pre-fired catalyst support domes are setting new standards when it comes to long-lasting durability.


Hydrogen for all

There is currently a shortfall of hydrogen available for traditional industrial uses. David Wolff, Nel Hydrogen, USA, explains why, and explores options for ensuring security of supply.


GAC Norway joins HyValue initiative

GAC Norway has signed up to play a vital role in a major Norwegian hydrogen energy project as part of the GAC Group’s commitment to sustainability and accelerating decarbonisation across the wider maritime industry.